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Napps Camping and Caravan Park ***

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Napps Camping and Caravan Park ist ein Camping in Ilfracombe, Devon, am am Meer. Dieser Terrassencamping hat Plätze mit Parzellierung, ohne Schatten und plätze mit etwas Schatten. Napps Camping and Caravan Park liegt nah an einem Sandstrand und einem Kieselstrand. Der Camping verfügt über einen Spielplatz.

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Auf Napps Camping and Caravan Park gelten für Haustiere folgende Vorschriften:
- Hund(e) Nebensaison (angeleint) erlaubt
- Hund(e) Hochsaison (angeleint) erlaubt

Der Camping verfügt über ein Freibad , beheiztes Freibad und ein Planschbecken. In nächster Umgebung können Sie im Meer baden.

Man muss nicht immer selbst kochen, denn auf dem Camping ist eine Snackbar/Imbiss und ein Restaurant (kleine Karte) vorhanden.

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Richtpreis 27,10 €

Öffnungszeitraum des Campingplatzes + Ihr Urlaubszeitraum

August 2017
Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.
September 2017
Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.
Oktober 2017
Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.
November 2017
Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.
Dezember 2017
Mo. Di. Mi. Do. Fr. Sa. So.

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Detaillierte Informationen über den Campingplatz

T. Franken-Vos

Dieser Inspektor besucht jährlich den Napps Camping and Caravan Park und inspiziert diesen Platzen anhand von rund 200 Einrichtungen und weiteren Anhaltspunkten. Der Inspektor ist ein Mitarbeiter von ACSI und arbeitet nicht für den Campingplatz.

- Inspektor Fr. T. Franken-Vos
T. Franken-Vos

Inspektor Fr. T. Franken-Vos

Rufen Sie diesen Inspektor an

Anrufen +31(0)488452073
Noch am laden, bitte etwas Geduld…

Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 6,5

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Essen und Trinken

Carole Hafeez, auf diesem Campingplatz in August 2017


Google Ubersetzung

Reisegesellschaft: Familie mit Kindern, unterschiedlichen Alters

We have just spent a week here, our third holiday here, with our last being 6 years ago. Not much has changed, except my expectations . Views, location and the surrounding bits of uncommercialised coast are outstanding! Beautiful scenery and fantastic walks and coves to explore. Campsites beach, Briadsanda is now much busier with the addition of yet more camping sites in the close vicinity which is a shame. Still beautiful and quieter than tourist beaches in the area but sadly now busy with non nature lovers and a lot of dogs.
The campsite has not changed much, showers are basic, grubby and cold; water pressure is low and family washrooms get busy and very muddy due to lazy singles using them instead of walking to the other block. (And the site was probably only about half full this week) There were alot of rowdy groups, although most were quiet after 10 and most other campers annoyingly seemed to be smoking everywhere and so there wasn\'t a lot of \'fresh air\' to be had.
Wind and rain are unrelenting on this site but that is to be expected with such a great position above the cliffs. I wouldn\'t attempt with a \'cheap\' tent!, even our steel poles creaked at times.
Pool can get busy and is very cold but if you\'re lucky and it\'s not full of big children jumping everywhere( including the paddling pool) then make the most of it! It\'s in a sheltered spot if you get a nice sunny quiet day.
If you\'re looking for a holiday park on a budget then you will love it, there\'s evening entertainment, bar, pizza takeaway, older children\'s play area and games room. Nothing safe for smaller children, even the pool due to unsupervised older kids.
Sadly it felt like a poor holiday park and not the beautiful camping site it could be.
Shop was poorly stocked ( but had a lot of caravan accessories). We tried the cafe on the last morning for 5 of us and a 45 minute wait for uncooked eggs in our breakfast I would advise you not to bother!
If we return it will be out of the school holidays, when hopefully the noisy, dirty crowds and smokers are not around so we can enjoy what used to be a beautiful quiet site with fantastic views at its best!

bryan, auf diesem Campingplatz in Juli 2012


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Reisegesellschaft: Familie mit Kindern, unterschiedlichen Alters

The good points: toilets and shower blocks are the cleanest I have ever seen for a campsite 10/10. Campsite was very clean from rubbish at all times.
Downsides: reception closes at 6pm so if late you will get no help, shop not very well stocked, family by us had to get the AA to tow there car away and have a new clutch fitted after trying to pull there caravan onto the site, it is very steep, bar does not open till 3pm so no chance of a beer and a meal at dinner time, did not find children's play area till after 3 days as it is not sign posted, says free internet in the bar, its very poor and no one could use it, so kids were not very happy, very nice site but will not be using again.

borthwick, auf diesem Campingplatz in August 2011


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Reisegesellschaft: Familie mit Kindern, 4 – 12 Jahre

We have just returned from our 3rd visit to Napps and we will never return to that site again. The cleanleness of the toilet and showers are of a poor standard, they were not cleaned as often as they used to be. The outside dish washing area has no lighting or roof. There is no control over other campers who keep the rest of the site awake until the early hours. When we reported the noise we were told by staff that there was nothing they could do. The site cafe closes at 10.30 AM, this is no longer the quiet family site that we visited last year and the year before. There are better and cheaper sites on the North Devon coast.

mary , auf diesem Campingplatz in August 2009


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Reisegesellschaft: Familie mit Kindern, unterschiedlichen Alters

What a total waste of money , staff are attrocious couldn't manage themselves let alone a camp site . The attitude I received was unacceptable, I was very suprised to notice that the cafe manager and staff clean the toilets then go and serve food to their customers. In the same clothes. The bar staff are very rude, and their data protection is unprofessional.

Mrs Joanna Brickles, auf diesem Campingplatz in Juli 2009


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Reisegesellschaft: Familie mit Kindern, unterschiedlichen Alters

We have just returned from a very disappointing week that should have been 2 at Napps.

After reading many bad reviews for Napps I rang and spoke to the site who reassured me that this was a great place to spend our summer holidays. I booked 2 weeks and looked forward to it for 6 months.
We drove all night as we have 3 young children and arrived fairly early on Saturday morning expecting there to be somewhere we would be able to wait for our pitch, there wasn't and we were treated as a nuisance

When we were finally allocated our pitch at 12.00pm, it had been sat empty all morning while we waited on the drive, in the way of other vehicles. It was a tiny pitch (as they all are) and you are instructed to the position of your car, caravan, and awning in that order.
Once set up the nightmare continued realising that you step out of your awning onto a 3ft path and then next doors car! And that is if it is parked well. There was a road in front of us and one behind. There was no room to put 2 chairs outside, never mind any room for the children to play with the added worry of somebody else’s car to consider. My children spent the whole week sat in the van watching films; thank goodness we took the TV and DVD player.

The staff were rude to me and my children on many occasions, on one occasion asking me to keep them quite whilst in the shop shopping for toys. They are age 8, 3 and 2. They were making happy, laughing noises that were not excessive. Children are not welcome on this site.
My 3 year old daughter tripped on a visit to the toilet block with me and because of the slant of the site rolled down the hill scraping all her arms and legs. My 8 year old was told that she was not allowed in the games room unaccompanied. They playground was not suitable for young children and the entertainment (twice in a week) left a lot to be desired. The entertainer taught my young children to drink bubbles. There is no where for children to play, on the pitch or otherwise. It is wall to wall caravans/ tents.

The owner’s very large (St Bernard Size) dog was allowed to walk free around the site, toileting on pitches. I feel you can never trust any dog with children and this dog could have easily overpowered me. All dogs owners or otherwise should be on leads.
There is no dog walk and where you are expected to walk your dog off site is inadequate, we had to take our dog to the vet after our visit with damage to his eye from brambles.

This site would be grate for couples with no children or dogs who are using it for a base and want to go out everyday. The views are stunning although there is no where to sit and look at them!
When we raised these concerns the owner/manger “Mr Richards” shrugged his shoulders at us and was walking away as we were talking to him. We asked for our money back for the 2nd week, but didn’t get it so we left anyway. We had a great 2nd week at a different site.

Wim Vervoorn, auf diesem Campingplatz in Juli 2007


Google Ubersetzung

Reisegesellschaft: Familie mit Kindern, 4 – 12 Jahre

The staff is not flexible when it comes to any changes in reservation, pitches etc. The top part of the site has terriffic views on a lot of pitches but it can be very windy!

Toilets and showers are clean but limited during the high season.

Site does look very good and is clean.

Allgemeine Angaben

Richtpreis 1
27,10 €
Richtpreis 2
38,90 €
03-03-2017 bis 31-10-2017
10 ha
Anzahl der Tourplätze
213 (80 - 100m2)
Anzahl der Dauerplätze

* Fettgedruckte Einrichtungen sind nicht im Übernachtungspreis inbegriffen. Hierfür muss extra bezahlt werden. (Das heißt nicht, dass die nicht fettgedruckten Einrichtungen kostenlos sind!).

Beliebte Ausstattungen
  • Freibad
    • beheizt
    • Fläche:33,12 m2
    • Zeitraum:01-06/30-09
  • Hund(e) Hochsaison (angeleint)
    • Max. Anzahl:2
  • Am Meer gelegen (max. 0,5 km)
An der Rezeption
  • Reservierung in der Hochsaison empfehlenswert
  • Bezahlung mit Kreditkarte möglich
    • Kreditkarte:Mastercard | Visacard
  • Bezahlung mit EC-Karte/Maestro möglich
  • In HS gesprochene Sprachen an der Rezeption
    • Sprachen:englisch
  • Hund(e) Hochsaison (angeleint)
    • Max. Anzahl:2
  • Hund(e) Nebensaison (angeleint)
    • Max. Anzahl:2
  • Wohnwagen gestattet
  • Zelte gestattet
  • Kleines Zusatzzelt erlaubt
  • Reisemobile gestattet
  • Grillen erlaubt
    • Grilltyp:Kohle | Strom | Gas
  • Eigenes Boot erlaubt
  • Hund(e) Hochsaison (angeleint)
    • Max. Anzahl:2
  • Hund(e) Nebensaison (angeleint)
    • Max. Anzahl:2
  • Hundeauslaufwiese
  • Waschbecken: warmes Wasser
  • Waschbecken: kaltes Wasser
  • Einzelwaschkabinen: warmes Wasser
  • Sitztoiletten
  • Toilettenpapier vorhanden
  • Familiensanitär
  • Ausguß für Chemietoiletten
  • Duschen: warmes Wasser
Boden und Bepflanzung
  • Plätze mit etwas Schatten
  • Plätze ohne Schatten
  • Parzellierte Stellplätze
  • Grasboden
  • Terrassencamping
  • Befestigter Stellplatz
Waschen, abwaschen, kochen
  • Geschirrspülbecken mit Warmwasser
  • Waschmaschine(n)
  • Wäschewaschbecken mit Kaltwasser
  • Wäschewaschbecken mit Warmwasser
  • Wäschetrockner
  • Bügelmöglichkeit
Essen, Trinken und Lebensmittel
  • Lebensmittel große Auswahl
    • Zeitraum:01-06/30-09
  • Restaurant (mit kleiner Karte)
    • Zeitraum:26-03/31-08
  • Imbiss
    • Zeitraum:26-03/31-08
  • Speisen zum Mitnehmen
    • Zeitraum:18-07/31-08
  • Bar
    • Zeitraum:26-03/31-08
  • Gasflaschenumtausch
Auf dem Camping zu mieten
  • Kühlelemente
  • Freibad
    • beheizt
    • Fläche:33,12 m2
    • Zeitraum:01-06/30-09
  • Kinderpool (für 1- bis 3-Jährige, < 40 cm)
    • beheizt
    • Fläche:40 m2
    • Zeitraum:01-06/30-09
  • Bademöglichkeit im Meer (max. 0,5 km)
  • Liegewiese
  • Sandstrand
  • Kiesstrand
Wassersport und -Freizeit
  • Angelmöglichkeit
  • Eigenes Boot erlaubt
für Kinder
  • Kinderspielplatz
  • Kinderpool (für 1- bis 3-Jährige, < 40 cm)
    • beheizt
    • Fläche:40 m2
    • Zeitraum:01-06/30-09
  • Aufenthaltsraum
  • kein Animationsprogramm
Sport und Spiel
  • Tischtennisplatte
  • Tennis
Freizeit (Erwachsene)
  • Angelmöglichkeit
  • Markierte Wanderrouten am Camping
    • Schwere:durchschnittlich
  • Aufenthaltsraum
  • (Pool)Billard
  • Fernsehen
Lage des Campingplatzes
  • Am Meer gelegen (max. 0,5 km)
  • Entfernung zum Meer (höchstens 10 km)
    • Entfernung:0,5 km
  • Panorama
  • Öffentl. Verkehrsmittel in kurzer Entfernung (max. 0,5 km)
    • Entfernung:0,25 km
  • Einkaufsmöglichkeit in der Umgebung (< 10 km)
    • Entfernung:2 km
Für Reisemobile
  • Reisemobile gestattet
Ausstattungen am Standplatz
  • Wasseranschluss auf/an dem Stellplatz (max. 15m)
  • Abwasserabfluss auf/an dem Stellplatz (max. 15m)
  • Wasserentnahmestelle auf/an dem Stellplatz (max. 50m)
  • Auch für Caravans geeignet > 5,5m, ohne Deichsel
  • Stromanschluß bis %s Ampere möglich
    • Max. Strom:10 ampère
  • Eurostecker notwendig
  • Platzbeleuchtung
  • Tagsüber und nachts ruhig
Adresse & Route

Möchten Sie Camping Napps Camping and Caravan Park buchen oder nähere Infos? Das geht über die u.g. Angaben.

  • Napps Camping and Caravan Park
    Old Coast Road
    EX34 9SW / Ilfracombe
    Vereinigtes Königreich

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    51°12'41"N 4°3'41"W
  • A399 Combe-Martin und Illfracombe, 1 km hinter dem Dorf gut ausgeschildert.

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